Just need a place to express my frustration …

Something went wrong with my laptop and I had to format it… lol. All the subtitle and video that I’m working on was gone FOREVER AND EVER… I need to start from scratch… Huhu. But not that scratch because I still remember what I translated…. haha


7 thoughts on “Just need a place to express my frustration …

  1. Aw man that sucks. Hope your laptop is ok. Mine feels like my second life. Don’t know what I’ll do if I lost it. Really appreciate your works man


  2. GEES has recently returned to sub for KeyaKake. I like his/her speed, but he/she does not do it in detail. He/she ignored some sentences and words written on the video. Maybe because I was familiar with your translations, so I felt something uncomfortable.
    So, if possible (just if), can you combine with his translation and make an additional sub version? It will be perfect.


    1. Thank you for that… As you already know, I’m now recovering from the lost of all my subtitle and video… Hehe.. So, I’m still trying to catch up with all the subtitle including the recent ones. Please wait patiently. Thank you.


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