Keyakitte kakenai ep 78


Pardon the English. Bagikuy raw. I’ve made a double mistake today. There’s still some mistake in the subs that I post earlier. This is the new one. I already encode the video two times but because of the subtitle, I need to encode it again.

Original sub : Good Enough Subs

Additional translation : yuiparunaachan oshi & Mastoppu

Stream: Dailymotion

Softsubs : Gdrive


6 thoughts on “Keyakitte kakenai ep 78

  1. thank you so much,,

    sometimes i use GEES,, but well as you know it just “enough type”

    hopefully you can release a better quality

    looking forward to your release 🙂
    cheers 😀


      1. I just meant your way of subbing episodes. I’m not ungrateful or anything but GEES subs are sometimes incomplete, I know they just sub parts they think is relevant but I want to know everything even the small comments. Also, translating is something that is subjective, in a way your opinion about something will show with how you translate them.


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