Keyakitte Kakenai ep 46- OTW


I’ll release it tomorrow, June 4. Raw from decade.


16 thoughts on “Keyakitte Kakenai ep 46- OTW

  1. YuiOshi-san, I’ve been wondering for some time, what software do you use to embed the softsubs when making hardsubs videos? Sorry for this silly questions btw lol


      1. Yeah, but mainly for my own use 🙂 I used Format Factory, but the video quality after converted degrades from the original version.


    1. How long is the video? If the video is like keyakake, how long it takes? I’m so sorry I asked so many things. haha. Don’t worry I’ll tell you later.


      1. No, no, you dont have to feel sorry lol . Well I did try the example I mentioned above with Keyakake , so its around 7 mins or so


      1. better late than never~ we all have our life and things to do, right?
        anyway, if you need help with timing/typsetting/encoding (i never encode 20+ mins video before but i think i can), just contact me. Can’t help with translation tho.


    1. Haha. I have a lot of work to do nowadays. But rest assured, I’ll not retire until I finish the subs that is still pending. For Keyakake ep 46, maybe early next week.


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