Keyakitte Kakenai ep 46


Raw from Decade. Please, pardon the English.

Original Indo Subs : Suika Aidoru

Additional Translation : YuiOshi & Mastoppu

Stream : Dailymotion

Softsub : Gdrive


5 thoughts on “Keyakitte Kakenai ep 46

  1. Hi. I appreciate the work that you do and I’ve tried subbing Ep 69 using Indo sub as rough guide and doublechecking from Jap to Eng. Probably my first and last sub because I just realized people are working on the rest of the unsubbed Eps. The only thing left is encode and uploading, but I have a question.

    What are the encoding options you use to hardsub without quality loss? If there’s an option to make it a better quality that would work too. I’m using Xvid4PSP 5 and there’s a lot of encoding options to choose from.


    1. Did you mean, what is the option I used for the format, filtering, and color correction, like that? Or you can just watch the tutorial on youtube. Actually someone already make the sub for that ep and finished it but I don’t know when he’ll release it. It’s up to you.


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