Because Akb Sousenkyo has just finished, so my head is full with AKB things. Especially after Yuihan entered Kami 7. I’m so happy. I’m in the mood of re-watching all AKB related shows, right now. This is basically what I usually do after sousenkyo ended every year. So I haven’t touch Keyaki stuff at all.  lol.

I already changed my plan a bit. There’s 5 more ep of keyakake that need proper sub I guess. I’ll try to do 27, 31, and 38 first. I’m not sure about 32 and 48 yet.

For Keyabingo making, please encourage me more…For all of you, maybe 1 hour and a half video is not that long but for me it’s very long. Even though I just need to translate from Indo sub. But I already finished 70% of it.


4 thoughts on “LOLooooool

  1. First, Thank you for your hardword and for futur épisodes.

    It’s probably selfish, but i hope you will translate Keyakitte 32 too :p I think Keyakitte 48 is already translate.

    And for Keyabingo Making-off, take my energy :p You think to translate the episodes of Keyaroom S2? And other bonus of Keyabingo?

    Again, Thank you for your work, i look forward to translation ^^

    P.S : It’s a good news to see Yuihan in Kami 7 ^^ I hope Yonesan which has the same dimple (And a smile and laugh so unique :p) will have more screentime :p


    1. There’s a reason why I still cannot decide whether to do ep 32 or not. If I’ve confirmed it, I’ll tell you. For 48, I know it has been translated but someone asked me to do it again. That’s why I’m not sure yet. Furthermore someone from stage48 already take that ep to be sub.

      Thank you for your energy.. haha. Keyaroom has always been in my consideration but I can’t decide.Lol. Tbh with you, I don’t really watch Keyaroom so my motivation to do it is a bit low. But, I’ll still consider it.

      P.S : It’s really a good news for me who make Yuihan as my Oshimen. I don’t even changed my name to suit this Keyaki blog and still used Yuioshi. That shows how much I really love her. I’m happy!!!
      Yonesan is a great person. I also hope she get more screentime because I can’t get enough of her smile.


  2. Thank for your answers ^^

    For Keyaroom, 90% of time, it’s boring but we can see some trivia, specially with picture segment ^^ (I like to see Mon / Zumiko combi :p Mon’s picture and how Berika nickamed Mon :p) And Thank to To much Idea for trad the best episode :p

    I will waiting for your futur works ^^


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